1986 Dr. Charles H. Farr M.D., PhD
Dr. Charles H. Farr, M.D., PhD

Intravenous hydrogen peroxide is a treatment believed to be a near-panacea by some practitioners of alternative or integrative medicine. There was a small flurry of interest in the intra-arterial infusion of hydrogen peroxide during the 1960s, when researchers tested its use in humans and animals for regional oxygenation to enhance the susceptibility of tumors to radiation therapy. Enthusiasm for the technique waned thereafter, as evidenced by the absence of subsequent studies in the English literature, and by the absence of clinical use of hydrogen peroxide for these purposes in the 1970s.

Since the late 1970s, a small group of practitioners has advocated the use of intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide for a multitude of indications. Their rationale is based largely on the research and clinical experiences of the late Charles H. Farr, MD, PhD (1927-1998). A true champion of this therapeutic method, Charles H. Farr is often referred to as the "Father of Oxidative Medicine."

Dr. Farr discovered "a positive metabolic effect to intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide," and authored an impressive workbook on the subject.  In his workbook, Dr. Farr introduced his case for intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide as follows: "Its ability to oxidize almost any physiologic or pathologic substance, in addition to producing increased tissue and cellular oxygen tensions, has proven it to have therapeutic value."  He noted that hydrogen peroxide "is produced by all cells of the body for many different physiological reasons." He cited its role in the destruction of infectious pathogens by phagocytes, and mentions that it is "involved in many metabolic pathways which utilize oxidases. . .  and hydrogen peroxide is involved in protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism, immunity, vitamin and mineral metabolism, or any other system you might wish to explore."

His fundamental thesis might be stated: "Because of its importance in regulating multiple metabolic functions, hydrogen peroxide could best be described as the ‘Master Regulating Molecule’ of the body." 


To download Dr. Farr's landmark report,  "The Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide", click on the link below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide by Charles H. Farr

One of the clearest studies Dr. Farr performed was a simple, controlled study in which he gave intravenous H2O2 to patients with “Type A/Shanghai influenza” during the winter of 1989–1990. He reports that 20 treated patients lost an average of only 0.25 days from work, compared to an average of 2 lost days for those in the control group.  You can view the complete results of this study by clicking on the link below. 

FREE DOWNLOAD: Rapid Recovery From TypeA / Shanghai Influenza Treated With Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide

Emboldened by his successes with intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxides and because of his careful observations of his patients and a deep desire to help relieve them of their painful symptons, Dr. Farr experimented with direct injections of hydrogen peroxide to treat a myriad of ailments.  To download Dr. Farr's paper on the injection of hydrogen peroxide into painful trigger points, click on the link below...

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Use of Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide to Inject Trigger Points, Soft Tissue Injuries and Inflamed Joints

Farr was a founder and director of the International Bio-Oxidative Medical Foundation (IBOMF) and its close affiliate, the International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA), which shared information through conferences, advertisements, and research. The First International Conference of Bio-oxidative Medicine was held February 17-19, 1989 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Physicians presented papers on the efficacy and safety of hydrogen peroxide infusions. The non-profit International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation grew rapidly, attracting many physicians who also presented scholarly reports based on their work with patients. In 1999, the IBOMF/IOMA listed 87 members.  After Dr Farr's passing in 1998,  the IBOMF/IOMA  was absorbed into another group with whom he was closely affiliated, the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), under the category of "Oxidative Medicine." 

 To share his deep understanding of "Oxidative Therapies" with open minded members of the medical profession, Dr. Farr often conducted instructional seminars and provided protocols and informational brochures to interested doctors and patients.  To download Dr. Farr's Patient Brochure "Oxidative Therapy", click on the link below...

FREE DOWNLOAD: Dr. Farr's Patient Brochure: "Oxidative Therapy"

In 1998, Charles Farr declared, "no longer is the double-blind study the gold standard in medicine," because "alternative treatment protocols can significantly improve the health status of a group of chronically ill patients, compared to a normal population, regardless of their diagnosis, in a time span of only six months."

Dr. Farr recommended H2O2 for myriad problems, including influenza, bronchitis, herpes zoster, asthmatic reactions, Epstein-Barr virus, CMV, HIV, type II diabetes, COPD, vascular disease, arthritis, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, toxic dementia, Parkinsonism, migraine headaches, and immune regulation. Elsewhere in the text he stated that H2O2 can change hypothyroidism to euthyroidism, remove atheromatous plaques, protect ischemic myocardium, convert ventricular fibrillation, abort an impending stroke, and destroy tumor cells. He found that the intravenous infusion of H2O2 is "an important therapeutic tool for every physician."

Dr. Farr found that his regimen was wonderfully safe: "No significant acute toxicity has been observed in several hundred patients, some receiving up to 40 to 50 infusions with concentrations up to 0.3% [several times his recommended concentration]. . . . Also, no chronic or long term toxicity has been observed up to two years post-multiple infusions. This suggested intravenous infusions of Hydrogen Peroxide is extremely safe and has a very wide therapeutic range."  "Each physician, as they [sic] become more experienced using intravenous hydrogen peroxide, will develop their own protocols commensurate with their type of practice and objectives."


“We have given intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide in a variety of pathological conditions. Infection, allergy reactions, flu syndromes and other toxic phenomena had rapid improvement from their morbid state with infusion of hydrogen peroxide without further treatment.  No distinct group of patients or classifications of disease at this time can be considered the ‘proper selections’.  Since intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide provide oxygenation to highly toxic tissue, kill or inhibit certain bacteria, yeast, viruses, protozoa and parasites, and, since it has a stimulatory effect on the immune system, many different pathological conditions seem to respond to intravenous peroxide therapy.”
(Charles H. Farr, M.D., Ph.D.)




In 1978, Farr founded a company, “Bio Pro, Inc.,” that sells alternative medicine products. Farr’s widow, Skoshi Farr, still runs the company.