NEVER, EVER give hydrogen peroxide INTRAVENOUSLY to your pets.

It is known that hydrogen peroxide INJECTIONS have caused fatalities in dogs due to canine's lack of enzymes found in humans.  Many people do believe that it is beneficial to put food grade hydrogen peroxide into their pet's drinking water (in small amounts).  Give your pet the option.  Provide them with plain water and also provide them with another, separate bowl of water with a small amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide in the water.  Let them choose.  They know what is best for them.

NEVER, EVER give hydrogen peroxide INTRAVENOUSLY to your dog.

Please be careful with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  Please be careful using it, and please be very careful about where you get your information about it.  We have researched hydrogen peroxide extensively.  We have read just about every word of every book and every website dealing with hydrogen peroxide.  We have used hydrogen peroxide in many ways and we can personally attest to many of its benefits from our own personal experience. 

There is a lot of good information out there, but there is also a lot of very, very bad information out there as well. 

We guarantee that you will not find a more complete (and accurate) source of information regarding food grade hydrogen peroxide anywhere else in the world.

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